The highlight of a visit to the John & Annie Glenn Historic Site is the living history tour. One of five different costumed characters will greet you at the door and take you through the main floor of his boyhood home as though it is the day you visit but in 1937 during the Great Depression or 1944 during WWII. (The two time periods are presented in alternating years. In 2009, it is 1937. In 2010, it will be 1944.)

In 1937, the worst part of the Great Depression was over and with President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s new government programs such as the WPA and the CCC, hope was being reborn. Visitors learn how folks survived by stretching their meager resources. In 1944, America was in the midst of WWII and visitors experience the sacrifices made on the “Home Front” during that time.

Tours also include a movie on the lives of John & Annie Glenn and a guided tour of the top floor where you will see Glenn’s bedroom, a toy room and galleries containing special childhood treasures and memorabilia from his military, political and space careers.


Family Kitchen