Educational Programs

The following is a list of our educational programs which may be tailored to suit your specific group.  Please call for information and pricing (740) 826-3305.

John and Annie Glenn Historic Site


“Listening to the Past”:  Learning of John and Annie Glenn and their lives in New Concord during the Depression and WWII complete with a John Glenn boyhood sack lunch.

“Doll’s Day Out” :  A tea for young girls, their mothers/grandmothers and their favorite doll.

“Blast Off” :  A day filled with rockets, balsa wood planes and astronaut experiences complete with a John Glenn Astronaut meal.

“Space Explorer” :  Learn of astronauts and space related technology.  This meets the requirements the Scouting program, complete with a John Glenn Astronaut meal.

“Sky Search” :  A program to meet badge requirements for Scouting filled with stations where stars, moons and the sun are explored complete with a John Glenn Astronaut meal.

“Journey to Tomorrow” ; Program presented by NASA Glenn with insights into the future of space Exploration complete with a John Glenn Astronaut meal.

“Dinner and a Movie on the Home Front” :  An evening with the stars of films made during the Depression or WWII with a typical buffet which co-ordinates with the movie being viewed.  ( Extensive movie list available )

“An Evening with Kit Kitridge”: Pizza dinner while viewing the movie centered around life during the Depression.

“An Evening with Molly” : Pizza dinner while viewing the movie centered around life During WWII.

“Family Fun Day” :  An afternoon filled with outdoor games or indoor board games from the 1930’s and 1950’s.  A fun filled time for all.

“Christmas at the House” :  Enjoy the house decorated for Christmas as in John Glenn’s time. Watch the electric train under the tree, listen to a Christmas story, and make an ornament for your tree.  Enjoy hot chocolate and a cookie.

“Christmas at the Cabin” :  The William Rainey Harper log cabin warmly welcomes you to a home decorated as in the 1800’s with spinning demonstrations, pump organ music,  and a woolen lamb Christmas ornament to take with you.


National Road/Zane Grey Museum

“National Road History Days” :  Starting at the NRZG Museum we feature a 136’ diorama which Represents 600 miles along the National Road, a demonstration/talk while viewing the most beautiful art pottery made in this area of Ohio, and informative discussion of  the writer Zane Grey.  Enjoy a picnic on our lovely 25 acres. Then join us for a narrated ride on the National Road ending at the John and Annie Glenn Historic Site in New Concord.  There enjoy learning what it was like to live as John during the Depression and WWII.  Finally tour the William Rainey Harper two-story  log cabin and view a spinning demonstration and listen to a pump organ.

“Road Building” :  Learn the importance of the National Road while touring the entire museum.  After  a picnic lunch on the grounds, experience the science of surveying then join the fun of laying both a Macadam Road and a Brick Road.

“Eco Explorer” : Finding living and non living things at the National Road Zane Grey Museum as the early builders of the National Road would have encountered.  Make an animal habitat and food chain to take home. This program meets scouting requirements.

“Christmas Along the National Road”:  Join us for music and stories of Christmas as the westward travelers would have celebrated in the 1800’s along the National Road. Enjoy a warm cookie and some hot chocolate.

“Outdoor Cooking Along the National Road”:  Experience the challenges of cooking as the original road builders and early travelers along the National Road would have.

“Zane Grey Night at the Movies” :  Enjoy an evening watching an action packed Zane Grey movie. Warm popcorn and cool lemonade served to all.

“Ohio Muffins Baseball” :  Be thrilled by the daring ball players of the early 1900’s .  Come and watch your hometown team try to play with vintage equipment using 1900’s rules of the game.  Enjoy the concession stand fare.

“Family Fun at the National Road/Zane Grey Museum”:  Enjoy a tour of the museum, picnic on the grounds then join us for outdoor games or indoor board games from the past.

“Night at the Museum”:  Come and see if our museum is really filled with ghosts from the past. Enjoy a tour, storytelling, music, and a Zane Grey movie (if you can stay awake).    (Group size limited to 15)