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NEEDED:  Your 1962 Memorabilia

Glenn Museum to Add Living History Based in 1962


NEW CONCORD, OH —  September 7, 2016—  The John and Annie Glenn Museum and the Ohio History Connection are pleased to announce that beginning in 2017, the museum will expand its educational programming to include a living history tour of the John Glenn house during the year 1962.

After careful consideration, the Museum Association of East Muskingum (formerly the John & Annie Glenn Museum Foundation) approved this addition and is moving ahead to transform the John Glenn boyhood home from its current 1944 World War II look to a home reminiscent of 1962.  The effort is supported with a grant from the Rogge Foundation.

“We’re seeking donations of items from the late 1950’s or very early 1960’s,” said Debbie Allender, Director of Operations. “Basically, we’re looking for things that could have been in the Glenn home in 1962.”

“By adding 1962 to the museum mission, we anticipate that visitors will feel the pride of so many Americans who watched the first American orbit Earth,” said Education Director Joanna Duncan.   “Others will remember the fear shared by so many as John Glenn re-entered the atmosphere with a burning heat shield and no communication with NASA.”

Visitors will have the opportunity to personally share in that February day in 1962 with actor-historians who portray Senator Glenn’s mother, Clara, and father, Herschel. Their portrayal will lead visitors through that historic day when their son was in orbit.

“We expect that visitors to this new 1962 scenario will also recognize the climate of the nation in 1962, including the excitement and turmoil of that year,” said Duncan.  “School prayer had just been eliminated in schools, the first American died in that faraway place called Vietnam and integration had started in public schools.”

The John & Annie Glenn Museum has operated in Glenn’s boyhood home on Main Street in New Concord since 2002. The Ohio History Connection just recently added the museum to its statewide system.

Regional citizens interested in helping with the transformation of the Glenn home may do so by calling the Museum Association office (740-826-3305) or visiting the museum’s website (www.johnglennhome.org) where they can find a detailed list of items being sought.


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