2014 Talent Show

December 13, 2014        
K-8th grade     9:30-11:30       Ages 14-18   1:00-4
All accompaniment must be prerecorded to be played easily. Total  length of the performance to be between 4 1/2 to 5 minutes  Please plan to arrive promptly at 9:00 for K-8th grade and 12:30 for ages 14-20.  Prizes will be awarded  at the end of each session.

Entry Fee:  $10.00
Admission of $1.00 per person at the door.
Registration form

John & Annie Glenn Historic Site

Experience History!

"Learn about life during the Great Depression and the Home Front during WWII through a captivating living history presentation.
Astronaut/Senator John Glenn's boyhood home has been moved back to Main Street in New Concord, Ohio and restored as it was when he lived there until his enlistment in World War II.

John Glenn once said that he and his wife have lived one third of American history. It is our goal to bring to life aspects of that time, namely life during the Great Depression and on the Home Front during WWII.

John & Annie Glenn Historic Site

John Glenn's boyhood home

National Road/Zane Grey Museum

In July, 2009, the John & Annie Glenn Museum Foundation began managing the National Road/Zane Grey Museum for the Ohio Historical Society. The two museums together make a great destination for tourists and school groups as 5 X 40 = 200. (Within 5 miles on Rt. 40, experience 200 years of American history!) A driving tour brochure is available at either site to read and enjoy while traveling the National Road from one to the other. A "Step Into Yesteryear" pass, also available at either site, offers a discount for visiting both sites.